getting back to speed

June 16, 2006

over the past week or 2 i have been doing a shit load of college work so i was away from my computer alot, i come back and fancy giving rr64 a try but to my delight it wipes my whole storage partition. Looking to an upside i give xfs a try and so far it seems very fast and stable, picture previews come up almost instantly. In the process of my hdd wipe tho i lost alot of ob and gtk themes i was working on so it will be a while before i produce anymore themes.  Oh yea i also just updated the openbox-cvs aur pkg to include rezza's new client padding patch, enjoy.


openbox cvs update

May 24, 2006

I have recently added smoon's gtk color grabbing patch to my PKGBUILD so if you want to test it you can get it here , i will probably update the aur pkg with this new gtk enabled one if it all goes well.

openbox cvs build

May 19, 2006

hi, first post on my new blog so i thought i would give mention to my openbox-cvs build i recently put up on arch's AUR here, i have also included 2 patches i took from omp's ebuild, hidemenuheader and pipedsplitgradient both of which add nice graphical touches. enjoy 🙂